Independent Finnish Real Estate Asset and Investment Manager

Welcome to Aktiivitilat, a real estate asset and investment management company based in Helsinki, Finland. Our services are available throughout Southern Finland. Our mission is to make commercial real estate in Finland more profitable for investors and easier for tenants.

Aktiivitilat is branded and recognized as a quality landlord for tenants, a reliable and swift transaction partner for sellers, and a trustworthy and dedicated client for our service providers and partners. With an excellent network in Finland and unrivaled experience of our partners, we guarantee the best deals in both investments and leasing. Our well-run processes, hand-picked service providers, swift execution, and personal touch in every deal ensure that we know the game and we know the players.

Why Active Management?

The real estate industry has evolved over the years, easy wins are gone, and profit margins and yields have tightened. In addition, tenants’ businesses are in rapid change, long leases might not be an option anymore. Premises which were good yesterday may be difficult to lease today.

We believe that the key is to understand real estate not only as an investment class but also as a service industry. Investors need to understand the trends, economics, financing, and investment markets but also the tenants, premises and lay-outs, locations, and changing needs topped with rapid action and “hands on” attitude.

Our solution is Active Asset Management, which turns real estate from financial engineering into a service industry. This provides extra margins for investors and better business solutions for tenants. Aktiivitilat is the best AM provider in Finland, offering a thorough understanding of local markets and a hands-on attitude, resulting in more profit for our clients.

Company and Fund(s)

Aktiivitilat was founded in May 2019 by well-known professionals, Jukka Torvinen, Tapani Piri, and Tatu-Pekka Koivupuro. Company if fully owned by its partners which guarantees 100% independency.

We launched our first investment vehicle for Finnish light industrial and warehouse (LIW) market, Aktiivihallit Ky, in June 2019, in collaboration with NREP. The fund was fully invested in summer 2022, and we launched a second fund with the same strategy, Aktiivihallit Ky II, at the beginning of 2023. Currently, Aktiivitilat works exclusively for NREP in this property segment.

We are open to other property segments with other investors.

Team and Contact information

Aktiivitilat AM Oy

Esterinportti 2, 00240 Helsinki
business ID: 2961902-6

Jukka Torvinen

Partner, CEO
+358 40 8277 832

In the industry since 2001. Tallberg, Newsec, GVA Finland. More than 10 years at JLL, 1/2018 – 2/2019 Head of Business Development at Sagax Finland. Co-founder of Aktiivitilat.

Tapani Piri

Partner, Real Estate Investments
+358 40 7525 417

In the industry since 1993. Kiinteistöliitto, Rakli, Tallberg. Co-founder of GVA Finland and 13 years as Managing Director of JLL Finland. Co-founder of Aktiivitilat.

Tatu-Pekka Koivupuro

Partner, Asset Management
+358 50 4117 844

In the industry since 2010. Two years at JLL and since 7 years of asset management. Most recently 4,5 years as Portfolio Manager at Trevian before joining Aktiivitilat.

Anna Lievonen

Asset Manager
+358 40 848 9910

In the industry since 2014. 6.5 years consultant at JLL. In 2021 at DHL Commercial Real Estate Manager Finland & Baltics. Joined Aktiivitilat as Asset Manager in 2022.